The perfect setting for Easter

Frederik Bagger
The perfect setting for Easter

Happy Easter


Easter is just around the corner! Soon families gather over a feast and what is better than time spend with family? 

Easter is a holiday that I especially appreciate. Spring blooming outside, brighter days to come, quality time with my family and all the good food. What’s not to like?

It is my believe that tasty food only enhances, if served beautifully and with a eye for details. The small eye-catching details is appreciated in my family. Both me and my better half likes to "wow" our guest with the table setting. 

One of my favorit tricks is to use the same type of glass for more than one purpose. In this blogpost i would like to talk about what products I think is suitable for the Easter table setting, and inspire you to creative uses of them.


Crispy Eightball – The king of glasses for beer

Every Easter needs some great tasting beer. Crispy Eightball is according to me a fantastic glass for beer. With its round body and big capacity, you can enjoy a big glass of cold beer.
Crispy Eightball could also be used as a bowl for grapes accompanied by cheese, for snacks or maybe your flower setting. 



Crispy Mini or Crispy Port -  Which one would you choose for schnapps?

Now that beer is covered we can move on to the most important part - the schnapps! No marinated herrings without a little schnapps. It's just a great old tradition serviced with a modern twist in Crispy Mini or Crispy PortCrispy Mini is a miniature edition of our Lowball glass, and it just make the details in the patterns looking even better. Crispy Port is, as the name indicates a glass for port wine, but why not use it for schnapps? The elegant glass will be great for schnapps!

Make sure everybody can reach the salt and pepper by serving it up in Crispy Mini. With one package of 4 pcs. your guest will be able to get salt in both ends of the table. 




Crispy Basket – The basket with the many faces

Bread is an essential part of the Easter feast. Crispy Basket is a bread basket and comes with either black or white fabric bag. Crispy Basket is created by using the traditional technique mouth blowning. A truly stunning piece! 

Remove the fabric and suddenly you have a bowl. Use it for salads, decorate with flowers or maybe with quail eggs on a bed of hay. It cannot be more easterly, than that.



Crispy Egg – Nothing scream easter more than this, period  

No Easter without eggs! So, what could be better than a bonbonniere in the shape of an egg? The Crispy Egg is like the Crispy Basket created by hand and mouth blown. Fill it up with small delicious chocolate eggs or spring flowers. Create a exclusive serving while keeping the food cold by filling the bottom with ice cubes and flip the lid around.


Have a happy Easter 

Lastly I would like to wish all of you a happy Easter, and remember to be in the now, both for you, but also for your family. I hope this post have inspired you to decorate a stunning Easter table. 
There is nothing better than the time spend with your friends and family.



Frederik Bagger, Founder.

Frederik Bagger