Serve drinks with good conscience

Frederik Bagger
Serve drinks with good conscience

Normally crystal glass decanters are produced with lead. Crystal decanters often contain a high amount of lead, which can migrate into the alcohol, if it stored in such decanters. It is not healthy to ingest lead, which in worst case can cause lead poisoning.
But at Frederik Bagger we have found a solution.

Eco-friendly crystal

At Frederik Bagger we produce glass without lead and no toxic additives. This means that you can store your favorite alcohol without any unhealthy additives will migrate into the alcohol. So, it is possible to serve crispy drinks with good conscience. For you and your friends health.

eco-friendly crystal glass


Serve with good conscience – and style

Your health is important! But why not serve drinks with good conscience while it looks good?
At Frederik Bagger we have two crispy decanters, Old Fashioned and Spinster.

Old Fashioned is our classic eco-friendly crystal decanter, which is suitable for every type of alcohol. Whether you are a fan of whisky, rum, cognac, and I could go on, Old Fashioned is suitable for every home and can give your home bar a decorative, classic look.

Spinster is the new cocky decanter. It can make your world spin around, while spinning by itself. As Old Fashioned it is suitable for every type of liquor, but it is also very beautiful with wine. Especially because of its round body and ability to spin. Invite your guest over for a good glass of wine and impress them with Spinster!

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It is important for me, that the products are inspiring. Both in the design and quality. So you can use all the products with good conscience and still be imaginative with your home decor.


Frederik Bagger, Founder.