Valentine’s DAY with LOVE

Frederik Bagger
Valentine’s DAY with LOVE

Remember to love yourself!

At Frederik Bagger we implement our campaign, ”NU’ET”, in the everyday life at the office. Every Tuesday and Thursday we have yoga classes. The purpose is to get the whole company focused and living in this moment, right now. It is my sweet fiancé, Julie Schulin founder of YO/ME Copenhagen, who are the company’s yoga instructor.


Julie Schulin YO/ME yoga instructor valentines day


Today we spent our Thursday morning, with a yoga class meditating on our HEART CHAKRA. It is after all Valentine’s day and the focus today was directed towards our own self-love - with the intention to share more love with the people we care for throughout. 
Green is the color of the heart chakra and symbolize growth, life, and balance. Through balance you find this center from which you can love and gain the ability to give and receive love. If you can love, you can form healthy and nourishing relationships.

 Emerald Torch I, Torch II and AquaMake your world more green


The power of the heart chakra

The heart chakra is all about connecting and relating. The emphasis here is on love, giving and receiving, and how open we are in relationships. Love is the energy that helps transfigure emotions and experiences. It’s an essential element in any relationship, whether it’s is with others or oneself.


The heart chakra is associated with the following: 

  • Capacity to love 
  • Transcending personal identity and limitations of the ego
  • Experience of unconditional love and connection with all
  • Appreciation of beauty in all things
  • Experiencing deep and meaningful relationships

Love experienced through the fourth chakra (the heart chakra) is not just about romance, but about going beyond the limitations of the ego and personal preoccupations. All to open more fully to compassion and acceptance of all that is, as it is. When we live from our heart and our heart energy is opened and balanced, we can see clearly and position ourselves in any situation. No matter how challenging it is, with discernment and compassion.


Love Vase with flowers                      Love Vase with flowers
Give or receive some LOVE 


The heart chakra is also a center through which we experience beauty in life. Seeing the world through a balanced fourth chakra is being in a state of openness and acceptance. That brings us in touch with our world and ourselves in profound and fulfilling ways.



Frederik Bagger, Founder.

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