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Frederik Bagger
Frederik Bagger og Camilla Pihl


Scandinavian simplicity and masculine vibes

I’m pleased to announce that Camilla Pihl has decided to join the Frederik Bagger team by designing her own line within our collection.  It is safe to say that the result is a beautiful combination of Scandinavian simplicity with masculine vibes of the Frederik Bagger universe. 

The collaboration has been a wonderful and exciting experience for the both of us. I’ve known Camilla Pihl for quite some time before I decided to ask her if she wanted to create something together. Camilla is known for her blog and through this her style and quality awareness. That is why I wanted her to join me in creating this collection that I hope you will enjoy. 

The FB By Camilla Pihl Series is a scented candle collection and a beautiful scented diffuser. The scents are designed to create an aroma that affects the mental state positively. The design is inspired by the Scandinavian style that Camilla is fond of and embraced by the dark elegance of Frederik Bagger. This results in a design perfectly fit for a home that appreciate luxury and simplicity combined.

Frederik Bagger & Camilla Pihl

Natural ingredients 

The Candles come in three different combinations that I will introduce below.

But first I will explain about the candles in general. All the candles are made in UK with natural wax or mineral wax. The natural wax is made from pure, natural soybean oil and rapeseed with a few secret natural ingredients. This wax uphold appearance and fragrance diffusion while insuring a clean and crisp burn. The mineral wax is of the finest European grade. It is a clean wax with a low contraction and melting point that insures the wax burns down completely. Mineral Wax is one of the oldest types of candles wax, and is traditionally renowned to provide a great fragrance throw. 

Designer duftlys

Aroma that effects. 

The three aroma combinations are called Refresh, Focus and Jasmine. Refresh is made with Grapefruit and Lemon Zest. The combination of these two aromas creates an uplifting and energizing mental state that promotes happiness and improves overall mental performance. This scent is ideal for modern men and women that needs a boost of energy throughout the day. 

Focus combines Eucalyptus and Fresh Mint which increase brain wave activity and memory, while alleviating mental and physical fatigue. A perfect fit for an individual seeking a higher level of focus, as the name indicates. 

Side note: Refresh and Focus comes in two forms. One is a pillar candle made from mineral wax and the other is made from a natural wax comes in a glass. 

Camilla Pihl blomster

The darling.

The last fragrance is Jasmine and has (as you can tell by it’s name) a scent of jasmine. The Jasmine flower has been beloved throughout history for it’s purity which is associated with love. The flower is a symbol of gratitude and good luck. This aroma is one of Camilla’s darlings and has a special place in her heart. That is one of the many reasons why we decided to celebrate this flower with a luxury edition containing a de lux scented candle and a diffuser. The candle is made from natural wax and the diffuser is made from natural fragrance same as the rest of the collection. The calming scent is perfect to get you relaxed, by the end of the day.

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I hope as well as Camilla that you will appreciate and enjoy the fragrance combination designed to fit your needs. 



Frederik Bagger, Founder.