[: NU’ET ]

[: NU’ET ] 

“NU’ET” is the Danish word for “the now”. But instead of “the now” which can be today, tomorrow or in a soon future, “NU’ET” means this moment right now. In a time where distractions take away our inner focus it is difficult to just be. Just think about all the distractions you already experienced today. All the notifications from mails and messages with the pressure from others, who think you are available all the time.

Lev i nuet
Your mind needs some peace and therefore the blue color is more prominent in this collection. For me blue is the symbol of peace, quietness and elegance.

Crispy Aqua // 2 piece: 299,95 DKK

Crispy Gatsby  // 2 piece: 499,95 DKK

Crispy Celebration // 2 piece: 399,95 DKK


NU’ET is my way to creativity

The process designing the products starts already before I get the idea. The whole process is a journey with no predetermined destination. I am only sure of one thing; the process will only begin if I take the time to keep all distractions out and be present in “NU’ET”.

Therefore, I spoil myself, I do it with the freedom from being unreachable for a time. I spend some time alone in my own company, create my own little space and just go with the power of my own thoughts. Letting my mind wonder and be inspired.

Being present in the “NU’ET” gives me creativity to design my products.

This campaign is a tribute to “this moment” where the magic of creating something happens.


The art of being in the present moment

It is an art by itself to be in the present moment and you need to train your own ability to be fully focused in “NU’ET”.

As an artist, your creativity is dependent of that ability. As a designer I visualize my ideas, and experience the success of expressing myself, I get a huge dopamine kick then I feel the success after expressing myself in my art. That is my driving force.

Let your thoughts be free as a dancer that moves to her own beat, who follow her own intuition to keep spinning around again and again 

Live in the moment
Get your own spin with Spinster!

Spinster // 1 piece: 999,95 DKK 


Adopt the mindset

The way to just be in “NU’ET” is a great tool for your own happiness. It will help you do something that you really love with room for creativity and great ideas. It sounds too good to be true, right? Luckily it is the truth.

Do not restrict yourself by the norms and values set by the society. Just go with your own flow. Don’t wait for the now – Be the now. Create the now. I hope it will inspire you to let go and let your mind wonder. You will appreciate it.




Frederik Bagger, Founder.


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